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GCS is a world-wide company in the consumer goods industry with a very strong global
network. We provide unmatched reach in the field of consumer goods, connecting suppliers
and consumers all over the world.

About Global Catering Supplies

Established in 2018, Global Catering Supplies is a reputable international organization specializing in disposable N2O, CO2, and helium cylinders for the business-to-business market. Since then, we have grown and have become a global distribution network that spans more than 40 countries within North America, South America, Europe, and Northern Africa. As of 2020, we also provide private label products for our business partners to enhance our customer’s experience.

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At Global Catering Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering accessible, high-quality products at a low price to our customers regardless of location. Since our incorporation, we’ve established strong positions in distinct markets and selected channels in Europe, North and South America, and North Africa, and are eager to expand our influence even further.

We believe what sets us apart from our competition is our expansive network, expertise, and professionalism in providing premium consumer goods and services accessible to everyone, anywhere.

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About Our Disposable Cylinders

At Global Catering Supplies, we provide a wide assortment of N2O, CO2, and helium cylinders to a wide range of markets. Whether you need canisters for your business, a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday party, or custom-branded cylinders with your company’s brand name, Global Catering Supplies will have the perfect products at the best price for you.

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About Our Drinks

At Global Catering Supplies, we provide our customers with their exact needs. We’ve built a strong reputation as a leading wholesale supplier for major wholesalers across Europe, thanks to our extensive inventory of soda and alcoholic beverages. As the market’s needs evolve, we’ve developed an endless product line to provide a unique range of the best high-quality products just for you.

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